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Staying safe is our main goal these days. But, what’s equally important is to stay healthy, both mentally and physically. So what better than working out either live online, getting a little feel of community as we all sparkle together,  or using one of our many prerecorded classes, available for you to use when you want, as often as you want.
Need to rent equipment? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Need more info? Give us a call at 819-557-139 or e-mail us at live@limefitness.ca  But if you’re ready, go ahead and sign up to get started today!


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Fun fact: You don’t have to sign up for any classes in particular. You can login to any class you want, change it up every week if you want, or stay with the same class if you’re totally hooked.

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Our awesome Lime team is dedicated to make your fitness journey a memorable one.

Lifestyle Improvement Made Easy

I am a female entrepreneur with big dreams, firmly believing that healthy living can be fun, positive, stress reducing and add quality to our oh-so-busy lives. The first step is always the hardest one. After that, I’m here to make it easy(er) for you.

Our Goals

Our Mission — to help you achieve your greater good so you can live your life unlimited.

Our Vision — to help you get stronger, healthier, happier in a safe, positive and non-judgmental set-up.

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Good things happen at Lime and we wanted to share some of the great stories and feedbacks with you.

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